Clan Centre Trust

The Clan Grant Centre Trust is now a Charity registered in Scotland (Charity Number SC021615) with the status of a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SCIO).

The Earl of Seafield`s Mausoleum at Duthil 
The Earl of Seafield`s Mausoleum at Duthil

Our Aims

are set out in section 6 of its constitution - namely:

The organisation is established for charitable purposes only. The organisation’s primary function is to manage the property the Clan Grant Centre (previously Duthil Kirk, sold to the Society for £1 and subsequently vested in the Trust) with the purpose and intention of fulfilling the following purposes recognised by OSCR as charitable:

1. b. The advancement of education with regard, inter alia, to the history and geography of the Clan Grant and its lands

2. g. The advancement of the arts, heritage, culture or science with regard, inter alia, to Clan- and Clan Territory-related literature, oral tradition, music, traditional sports etc.

3. i. The provision of recreational facilities.... In this regard its primary purpose is to make the Clan Centre available to (i) members of the Society and (ii) the general public in pursuit of other objectives noted in this section

4. k. The promotion of religious or racial harmony with particular regard, inter alia, to the ethnic groups throughout the world with which the Clan Grant has had particular contact in the past.

5. m. The advancement of environmental protection or improvement particularly with regard to the traditional lands of the Clan.

6. The Trust also reserves to itself the opportunity to cooperate with other groups sharing any of these or parallel purposes to promote them for the general benefit of Scotland.

What we do

Although our principle objective is the fundraising necessary to bring the building up to a standard where it can be used properly, we use it already as best we can and this has not stopped us from taking initiatives regarding our other purposes:

Objective 1: We maintain several of the pages on this website (which are identified as such). We have active plans to expand these further and so expect to add to these pages as soon as time and resources allow.

Objective 2: One major project we have under way is the collation of all Grant-related pipe music.

Our intention here is to publish and promulgate it so that anyone interested may enjoy and appreciate it. Parallel projects are intended in the future.

Objective 3: The Clan Centre is laid out as an exhibition space and members of the public are welcome to be shown round whenever it can be staffed. This happens on an ad hoc basis.

Objective 4: The connections with the Cherokees and the Métis Grants are the principle starting points here. Both these indigenous peoples have been the subject of gross discrimination in the past and it is our purpose to celebrate both the native culture in itself and the Grant connection in particular. We intend to extend this outreach to include our Caribbean and Indian sub-continent connections.

Will you help?

You don’t have to be a member to help! Donations are welcome from anyone sympathetic to our aims.

Donations will be received gratefully and, because we are a charity we are able to take advantage of the Gift Aid Scheme. So when you donate please advise us if we may claim Gift Aid.

If you would like to help or support the development of the Clan Grant Centre at Duthil, please contact the Society in the first instance via our contact form.

The Clan Grant Centre Trust