A Welcome Message from the Chief

Ceud Mìle Fàilte!
The Chief, Lord Strathspey 
The Chief, Lord Strathspey

I never thought I would be writing this letter without seeing any of you this year, and that our International Gathering in 2020 would be cancelled. As we went into lockdown there seemed to be a slight glimmer of hope that this virus would be brought under control and by August things might be back to normal. As we all know, it was not to be.

I am sorry the committee had to abandon all the hard work they had put into planning this momentous event. Of course, it’s not just us, but all of you around the world representing the many Clan Grant Societies. Please accept my heartfelt thanks for all the work you do to keep this great clan of ours surviving.

No doubt you are all, like us, receiving requests for contributions from just about every charity known to man, with the result that we have decided not to send any Christmas cards this year, but to make a donation to each of our most favourite charities.

Finally, I would like to wish you and your loved ones a happy, if somewhat different, Christmas, and may we all remain healthy and Covid free as we enter 2021.

Sláinte Mhath and Stand Fast!

Your Kinsman and Chief

Strathspey, December 2020

The Rt. Hon Sir James Grant of Grant, The 6th Lord Strathspey, Baronet of Nova Scotia, 33rd Chief of Grant