Council Members

The Clan Grant Society Council members are elected every five years and work very hard on behalf of the group. You can get in touch with them via the Contact Us form at the bottom of the page.

The Chief


The Right Hon
The 6th Lord Strathspey
Sir James Grant of Grant
33rd Chief of Clan Grant

The Chairman


Fiona Grant


The Vice-Chairman

Vice-Chairman, Parade Marshal & Vice Chair of CGS Trust

Tim Atkinson


Treasurer of Society & Treasurer of CGS Trust

Andrew G Grant


Events Organiser

Events Organiser

Jill Standing

Membership Secretary

Membership Secretary

Kim Todd


Council Member

Council Member & Chair of CGS Trust

The Hon Michael Grant of Grant
West Sussex

Council Member

Standfast Editor & Trustee of CGS Trust

Sir Archie Grant


Aims of the UK Clan Grant Society:

*   to promote comradeship amongst members of the Clan Grant and all those others (Sept families) who have historic  links to the Clan and its lands;
*   to inspire pride in the Clan’s history and traditions among members and other Grants;
*   to assist members to know, find out about and celebrate their own and the Clan’s shared heritage;
*   to promote the good name of the Clan;
*   to promote feelings of fraternity and sorority with members of the other Siol Alpin Clans.