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said to be written by Mr. James Chapman,
Minister of Cromdall &c. in Anno 1729.

Page 163: (pages 160,161 and 162 of MS are blank)

[p103] THE Tree of The Family of Grant abridged from The Chronicles of Norway sent by an Herauld from The Court of Denmark to The Representative of The House of Grant informs of The Descent of that Name and declares Wffa AC 575 That Wffa a Saxon Lord descended of The Champion Ouden alias Wodine (much extolled among The Poets for his Heroic Actions especially in Norway & Saxony) was The First King of East Angles in The Year of Christ 575.

Hacken and Swenhilla: AMONG others descended of Wffa was Hacken Earl of Lagen and Tronde Lagen in Norway his Great Grand Son who did succeed as his Heir of Line and Representative. Protector of Norway: Hacken for Power and Conduct was so reputed not only in Swedland and Denmark but also in Norway where he was unanimously chosen as Lord High Protector of that Kingdom. Coat of Arms: In which great Trust he managed with such Approbation that he was honoured to bear their Coat of Arms of Three Crowns quartered as also an Ax and Rampant Lyon, and his Posterity continued to bear The same. He was a Man not only in great Power but also of great Strength, and was therefore commonly called Hacken Grandt alias Grant or Grott, which in their Language is The same as Great or in Latin Grand is, Great or Valourous, and all his Posterity after him are commonly called Grants.

As there be few especially in Power who want their Enemies, so The Protector Hacken Grandt had his own who much envyed him. On a certain Time falling occasionally among some of them, he was attacked by them. It is reported That being unarmed he took as a Weapon, which he then pulled by The Roots, a Standing Tree, being The First Thing that came to his Hand, and with this Tree he so managed his Enemies that he rescued himself, and chased, or, as is reported, slew some of them. This Action was reputed so [p104] Heroic that his Strength and Valour was further remarked at Court, and therefore he was honoured to bear in his Coat of Arms not only The Three Crowns quartered but also Two strong Men with their standing Trees in their Arms as Supporters of The Crowns with The Motto Stand fast or sure and firm, which The Family of Grant as yet retains.

HACKEN GRANDT The Protector of Norway married Suanhilla The Daughter of Swenerman a Danish Prince of whom he begot several Children.

[page 164] HEMMING GRANT, his Second Son is The Progenitor of The House of Grant. He married Tora Daughter to Adlistein The First of The Norwegian Kings who professed The Christian Religion. Among others instructed in The same were Hemming and his wife Tora which was disagreeable to his Father Hacken The Protector seeing they did abandon The Heathenish Custom of Worshipping and Offering Sacrifice to his Progenitor Wodine alias Oudine reputed among them formerly as a God.

HEMMING being thus made uneasy by his Father thinks fit to remove with his Wife Tora out of Norway and come to Ireland, where his said Lady died in Exile leaving behind her several Sons and Daughters. The Eldest Daughter called Astred married Killel Krog younger Son of Tourstoun Earl of Northumberland. The younger Daughter named Gurrie married The Baron of Birkeroe, of whom several Noble Families in Swedland and Norway are descended. These Two Sisters were well instructed in The Christian Religion, and took Care to adorn their Principles with suitable Practice. They caused build Two Christian Churches adorned with Steeples within a Fathom of each other and covered them finely with Lead, to which they gave The Name of Grants, and The Parish is called Grandtsogn, that is Grant`s Parishioners, The which Churches and Steeples ly nine miles from Christiania and remain as yet.

HEMMING GRANT is said to have Four Sons who came along with him and afterwards thought fit (upon their Father`s marrying a Second Wife named Isobella Daughter to The Prince of Dublin) to push their Fortunes and came to Scotland Anno 1000.

[p105] THE Four Sons are said to be Alland alias Andlaw, Gregore who is said to be The Progenitor of The Clan Gregore alias Mac Gregors, Fingon The Progenitor of Clan Fingons alias Maclnnons and Rowan alias Ruthven because red haired, who is The Progenitor of The Ruthvens of whom was The Earl of Gowrie, and of them is said,

Hemmingum genuit Protector maximus Hackin. Hinc Grantes, Fingon, Ruthven, Gregorius orti.

THE Chronicles of Norway together with The said Tree of The Family of Grant are more full in The Account of The Root and Branches of Hacken Grant The Protector of Norway and Progenitor of The Name of Grant. But purposing to follow his Offspring as far as concerns The Family and Name of Grant we take more particular Notice of Andlaw alias Allan Grant The Son of Hemming came to Scotland in The Tenth Century. He married Moral Daughter to Neil Mac Gregor a Gentleman lineally descended of Gregorius King of Scotland, by whose interest and Portion The Barony of Fruichy was purchased. She bore several Children, and

PATRICK GRANT Son to Allan Grant of Fruichy did succeed his Father about The Year 1090. He married Fergusia a Relation of Alpinus of whom he begot One Son and Four Daughters.

WISHILLA The Eldest Daughter married Duncan, The 2nd The 38th King of Scotland, who was Anno 1096 killed by Mackpender Thane of Mearns.

[page 165] FERGUSIA The 2nd Daughter married Hacken a Norway Prince. Moral The 3rd Daughter married Yyy Dunbar Earl of March, and Collobella The youngest Daughter married William de Monte The Progenitor of The Movats alias Moffats.

ALLAND Son to The said Patrick Grant of Fruichy succeeded his Father about The Year 1150, and then married Dorvagilla Daughter to The Thane of Fife, of whom he begot One Daughter and Four Sons. Isobella his Daughter married Bancho Stuart of Lochaber. Patrick his Second Son married Ingelram`s Daughter. He was Earl of Coucey in France, whose Sister Mary married to Alexander 2nd 94th King of Scotland about The Year of Christ 1212; And Laurance Third Son to The said Allan was Bishop of Murray; And [p106] Malcolm his Fourth Son was The King`s Lord Lieutenant of The North of Scotland. He is The Progenitor of The Malcolms in Scotland.

ALLAN The Laird of Grant was much respected at Court. His Children`s honourable Marriages made him more known. He was honoured with a Commission to be Sheriff Principal of lnverness, and purchased The Lands of Stratharrick in that Shire about The Beginning of The Twelfth Century.

GREGOR GRANT Eldest Son to Allan Grant of Fruichy and Stratharrick Sheriff Principal of Inverness succeeded his Father. He married Mary Daughter to My Lord Lovat, who bore to him Four Sons, namely, Patrick The Eldest, who succeeded his father, Richard The Second, who succeeded as Archbishop of Canterbury in England immediately after Archbishop Langtoun in The Year 1229, as The Annals inform. Allan The Third Son is The Progenitor of The Family of Auchternick, and his Posterity are commonly called Clan Allan, i.e. Allan`s Posterity; of whom there are severals descended. And Lucas his Youngest Son commonly called Kiar alias Kearan for his being of a gray dark Hue is The Progenitor of Auchinarrow now called Dalchaple, whose Posterity is commonly called Clan Chiaran; of whom there are severals descended.

PATRICK GRANT of Fruichy and Stratharrack succeeded his Father Gregor in Honours and Inheritance about The Middle of The 13th Century. He married Bigla only Child of Yyy Cumming Lord Glenchernick. She was commonly called for her low Stature Bigla Beg. Her Friends designed her in Marriage for a Relation of The Name of Cumming. But She herself thought otherwise, and her Affection led her to marry The Laird of Grant, which at Length was obtained to The Satisfaction of both though disagreeable to The Name of Cumming, which occasioned their Envy against The Grants. Bigla bore to The Laird of Grant Two Sons named John and Rodolphus and a Daughter called Maud alias Muriel, who were all taken Care of as to their Education.

JOHN LE GRANT alias Sir John Grant of Fruichy and Stratharrick was a Man of Publick Spirit and of great Account. He thought fit with his Brother Rodolphus to take a Concern in The Defence of their Countrey against The Insults and [p107] Cruelty of Edward commonly called Longshanks King of England; For at that Time King John Baliol to confirm himself as King of Scotland subjected himself and The Nation [page 166] to Edward as his Superior, and notwithstanding this foolish and treacherous Behaviour of Baliol King Edward in less than Four Years expelled him and miserably oppressed The Kingdom of Scotland to such a Degree that a great many of The most valiant and Noble Men in Scotland were apprehended by him and carried up to England as Hostages for The Good Behaviour of The Scotch towards The Kings of England in all Time after. Among these Hostages were John Le Grant and his brother Rodolphus, who after they had been long kept there were at Length dismissed upon Terms as appears in Rymer`s Foedera Vol 2nd Page 776. Anno 1297. Under The Title Manucaptio Magnatum Scotiae &c. Both these Brethren John and Rodolphus dying without Issue were succeeded by their Sister.

MAULD She married Andrew Stuart Son to The Sheriff of Bute, who by Articles in The Marriage changed his Name, and was called Andrew Grant alias Stuart. They had a Son and a Daughter. The Daughter named Mary married Lord Lovat her Cousin, and The Son named Patrick succeeded his father in The Estate about The End of The 13th Century. He was commonly called Patrick Mac Mauld as being The Son of Mauld alias Marjory or Muriel. He married Bathia Daughter to The Earl of Ross about The Year 1305, and afterwards he married Florence Daughter to The Laird of MacLean. They had a Son and a Daughter. The Daughter was married to The Laird of Fowlis The Progenitor of The Monroes and The Son named John afterwards called,

SIR JOHN GRANT of Fruichy and Stratharrick succeeded his Father. He married Mauld Daughter to Gilbert of Glenchernick, & by her came The Lordship of Glenchernick and Dullenside to The Family of Grant, as appears in The Charter for that Effect as yet extant of Date about The Beginning of The 14th Century. She brought forth Two Sons to him, viz Robert and Duncan.

ROBERT was a Man of great Account in his Time for Influence and Courage. He distinguished himself is his Skill [p108] of handling Arms, His being The Champion appointed for Scotland to fight in Duel against Thomas del Strother for England shows The same; For by Appointment of Publick Authority in The Time of Robert 2nd King of Scotland and Richard 2nd King of England Anno Christi 1380 The said Robert was chosen to fight The said Duel, in which he so distinguished himself that he came off with The Applause of The Spectators. This is recorded in Rymer`s Foedera Vol. 7th Page 275, where it is told That King Richard gave Letters of safe conduct to these Champions.

THE Broils betwixt Scotland and England as yet continuing, The French joined The Scotch against England, and assisted them in carrying on a War. They gave them 40,000 Flanks to be distributed among The Noble and great Ones, of which The said Robert Laird of Grant had a Share so recorded in The foresaid Annals. He was so taken up with The Publick Affairs of The Nation that he seldom stayed in his own House, and dying unmarried he was succeeded by his Brother.

SIR DUNCAN GRANT who married Xxx Leslie Daughter of The Earl of Rothes, of whom he had Two Sons, viz, John and Patrick. Gilbert of Glenchernick was Grandfather to Sir Duncan, [page 167] and resigned to him The Lordship of Glenchernick and Dunensiden as The Charter given by King David dated Anno 1364 in Favours of Gilbert and by Gilbert in Favours of Sir Duncan Grant (who is called his Oye in The said Charter) more fully bears. The Animosities and misunderstanding betwixt The Cummings continuing occasioned to dispose of The Lands of Stratharrick in Order to purchase several other Lands contiguous to Balachastle and Glenchernick; For at That Time there were several Baronies on Spey Side to be disposed of, which The Laird of Grant took Care (because of their Contiguity to his Inheritance there already) to purchase that so he might have his People and Followers round about him, and that they might be better in Case to offend or defend in One Body as Occasions required. The Friends and Dependants of The Laird of Grant that were in Stratharrick did relish this Proposal and thought fit to leave their Possessions there, and came to Strathspey where they took Possessions which they called after those they had in [p109] Stratharrick as Gartenmore, Gartenbeg, Auchinarrow, Delchaple, Balchernich and The Like.

THE said Sir Duncan besides his Sons lawfully begotten had other Two Sons, The Elder of which called Patrick is The Progenitor of The Family of Tullochgorm, and his Posterity is commonly called Clan Phadrick, and The other Son called Duncan is The Progenitor of The Family of Gartenbeg, and his Posterity is commonly called Clan Ducachy. It is reported That a familiar Spirit ordinarily haunted The Family of Tullochgorm, and attended for Intelligence and Drudgery. This Ghost was commonly called Meg Mulloch as having The Loof of her Hand hairy. It appeared usually in The Shape a Female about Six or Seven Years old in common and coarse Habit. The Presbytery of Abernethy being The Church Judicatory in these Bounds took Care to enquire into this Ghost`s Haunting The Family of Tullochgorm about The Year 1647, and after citing Tullochgorm and several Witnesses before them The Result of all That there was such a Familiar reputed to haunt Tullochgorm, That severals saw The same in The said Shape, & That suddenly it disappeared. But since The more clear Preaching of The Gospel there is no Account at all of any such Apparition.

PATRICK Second Son to The said Sir Duncan Laird of Grant is The Progenitor of The House of Balnadallach who is now low in his Estate. But of him are descended several Cadets, as Grant of Delvey, alias Dunlugas Grant of Delay Tamnavoulin Tulloch etc. The said Patrick his Eldest Brother Sir John succeeded his Father Sir Duncan both in Honours and Inheritance. He was red haired and had a Vein for Poetry, and Therefore was usually called Bard Ruoh, i.e. red Poet. He married Lucia Gordon Daughter of The Earl of Enzie alias Huntly by whom he had One Son named also John, who succeeded his father in Honours and Inheritance. He in his younger Years before Marriage visited The Stuart alias Baron of Kincardine, and got his Daughter with Child; Which Child was afterwards because of his Talness and big Stature called John More. He is The Progenitor of The Grants of Glenmorriston, and his Posterity are usually called Slick Ian vore, of whom was afterwards descended Grant of Carron. Sir [p110] John married Margaret Ogilvie Daughter to James Ogilvie of Deskford alias Findlater. Their Marriage Contract yet extant gives Account of The Tocher, Jointure and Friendship betwixt these Families. The Tocher given by [page 168] Sir James Ogilvie with his Daughter to The Laird of Grant was Three Hundred Merks paid at Five Terms or years, that is, Fourty Pounds Scots yearly, and The Jointure given by The said Sir John to his Lady together with The Provision of The Children to be procreated betwixt them both was Twenty Marks worth of Land Yearly. Such was The Friendship betwixt these Two Families that they entered into a Bond of Association to maintain One another`s Quarrels and keep from Robbing, Thigging, Sorning or taking One another`s Possessions by themselves, Friends or Dependants, as The said Contract of Marriage dated at Bog of Geith 1484 more fully bears. The said Sir John has Two Sons with The said Margaret Ogilvie viz. James and John. This John was The Progenitor of The families of Corriemony and Shaoglie, Joannes Grant de Culcabock Frater Jacobi G. de Freuchie. Ch. Morav. p865 Anno 1545 (side note by Macfarlane) his eldest brother, viz. James commonly called James na Creach succeeded his Father Sir John Grant in Honours and Inheritance about The year 1525. He married Barbara Erskyne Daughter to The Earl of Mar, who brought forth One Son and Two Daughters. Anne The Elder was married to Allan Cameron Laird of Lochziel, and Janet The Younger married to William Sutherland Laird of Duffus in The Year 1552 [and afterwards to James Dempster of Auchterless]. (This sentence in brackets has been added by Macfarlane.)

JAMES was well known and in Favour at Court. King James The 5th took such Notice of him that for his Good Services done The Publick he gave him a distinguishing Mark of his Favour, which is rarely granted to a Subject, namely, His Majesty was pleased to give him a Charter signed under his Hand and sealed with his Seal, wherein he is privileged with a discharge and exemption from being summoned or appearing all The Days of his Life before any Temporal Judge or Judicatory under The Privy Council or Session in Scotland for any Cause whatsoever. Where also The Privilege is extended for his good Services done or to be done in Favours [p111] of all his Friends, Tenants, Householders and Servants whatsoever belonging to him, as The said Charter of Exemption dated at Stirling Anna 1535 as yet extant more fully bears. James na Greach distinguished himself in assisting The Earl of Huntly his Cousin against The Insults of several Enemies, and, particularly, in revenging The Murder of Gordon baron of Braachally is Dee Water Side, who was murdered by The Countrey Men there. The Revenge went such a Length that about Six Score Orphans were left in The desolate Countrey on Dee Side, no Body knowing who their parents were. These miserable Orphans were out of Pity and Commiseration carried by The Earl of Huntly into his Castle, where they were maintained and fed. Thus a long Trough of Wood was made, wherein was put Pottage or any other kind of Food allowed them, & The Young Ones sitting round about The Trough did eat their meat out of it as well as they could. James The Laird of Grant at a Time visiting The Earl was for Diversion`s Sake brought to see The Orphans slabbing at their Trough. Which Comical Sight so surprized him that he proposed to carry The One Half of them to Balchastle alleging That having a Hand in destroying their Parents he was bound in Justice to take a Concern in their Preservation and Maintenance. These of them that were brought to Castle Grant are to this Day called Slieck-Nam-mor i.e. The Posterity of The Trough, and they are promiscuously called Grants or Gordons. This happened 1540 Wm. Grant Son to James Grant of Freuchy obtains from Patrick [Hepburn] Bp. of Moray the lands of Uver-Finlarig aias Muckerach Mid-Finlarig, and Nether-Finlarog - 7 Maii 1541 - Ch. Morav. p.722. (Fotnote by MacFarlane)

JOHN GRANT succeeded his Father in The Estate. He married Marjorie Stuart Daughter to The Earl of Athol about The Year 1555. Their Children were Duncan, who succeeded his Father in The Estate, and Patrick, [page 169] who married Jean Gordon Daughter of The Laird of Echt.`Gicht` interlined. He was commonly called Patrick na Muckrach being The Possessor of that Land. He was a Man in good Account, and had The Bailliary of Huntly and Strathspey, and by this Means was Judge [p112] from The Eastern Sea to The Western. He is The Progenitor of Rothemurchus and Colonel Grant of Balnadallach. His Lady while a Widow caused build a House in Muckrock which is extant as yet with their Names engraven upon it Anna 1598. The Daughters of The said John Laird of Grant were Mary, who was married to Colin Mackenzie of Kintail, of whom The Representative of The Mackenzies, viz., The Earl of Seaforth is descended. The Second Daughter married Yyyy Innes of Balveny and Espeth Third Daughter of The Laird of Grant married William Fraser of Struy The Tutor of Lovat in The Year 1560.

THE Name of Grant continued firm in their Loyalty to their Sovereign, and Hawthornden in his History of The King Jameses informs That they continued loyal and steady to King James The 4th when several other chiftans deserted him.

MARJORIE STUART, The Lady Grant being removed by Death her Husband John Laird of Grant married Isobell Barclay Daughter to Yyy Barclay of Towy, of whom he begot One Son, who became The Progenitor of Grant of Balintome, and of him are descended Sir Francis Grant Lord CulIen One of The Senators of The College of Justice, Grant of Monymusk, Grant of Airndelly alias Auchoynony &c.

DUNCAN GRANT of Fruichy succeeded his father John Grant. He married The Laird of MacIntosh`s Daughter about The year 1570, of whom he begot Four Sons and One Daughter. The Daughter married The Laird of Calder in The Shire of Nairn. The Sons are John, who succeeded as Laird of Grant, Robert, He is The Progenitor of The Family of Lurg.

PATRICK of Elchies. He is The Progenitor of Grant of Easter Elchies and

JAMES The youngest son The Progenitor of Grant of Moyness. Duncan Grant lived in Abernethy, and was commonly called Duncan Chiush because he delighted in The Fir Woods. In his Time severals of The Name of Grant applied themselves to Studies. Mr. Edward Grant was famous for his skill in The Oriental Languages. His Greek Lexicon printed at London Anno 1581 shews his Skill in Greek and Latin, as being The best before his Time extant, and, as The Reformation from Popery and Superstition was [p113] going on a Pace in his Time, so Mr. Grant alias Duglass so called because he was of a grim Hue distinguished himself for Zeal and Success in The Work of The Gospel, and Joined Mr. Knox and The Laird of Dun in preaching The same, as Mr. Calderwood informs in his Church History.

DUNCAN Laird of Grant died young.

JOHN GRANT succeeds his Father Duncan as Laird of Grant. He was commonly called John of Fruichy and much regarded for his Stock of Prudence and Conduct in The Management of Affairs, and Therefore was termed The Wise Laird of Grant. [page 170] He purchased several Baronies of land in his Time such as Lethen, Adneedly &c. He married Lillias Murray Daughter to The Earl of Tullibardine now Duke of Athol. The which Marriage was honoured with The King and Queen their presence about The year 1585. She was a Lady who distinguished herself in Management of her Affairs. She brought forth One Son and Two Daughters to him, namely, Anne Daughter to John Grant of Fruichy married Lauchlan MacIntosh of Dunachton Captain of Clan Chattan 1611. Jean Second Daughter to The said John of Fruichy married William Sutherland of Duffus Anno 1612.

There was a great Correspondence at this Time betwixt The Family of Grant and MacIntosh. The Insults of MacDonalds and Camerons against MacIntosh occasioned John of Fruichy`s joining in Association with him against these Lochabrians as their Bonds of Friendship in Castle Grant as yet extant more fully bear. It is remarkable That in One of these Bonds The Laird of MacIntosh engages to give The Lands on The other Side of Lochy in Lochaber to Allan MacCalday alias Cameron for Honours and Services payable to him with some small Duty, as John Grant of Fruichy shall determine, and These Concern which John Grant of Fruichy had in both these Chiftans gave Way to their mutual Friendship and Lochziel`s peaceable possessing of these Lands as yet.

JOHN of Fruichy dying, his Son John Grant alias Sir John succeeds; For by his attending at Court and being of a public Spirit, known in The World, he was as his Predecessors Knighted. He married Mary Ogilvie Daughter to The Earl of Findlatter, of whom he begot Eight Sons and Four Daughters.

[p114] HE had also a son before marriage whom he called Duncan. He is The Progenitor of Grant of Clurie who was a Young Man of much Sagacity, for whom his Father Sir John had possessed much Kindness, and gave him The Lands of Clurie.

THE Children`s Names are as follows. James The Eldest succeeded as Laird of Grant.

JOHN Second Son of John Grant of Fruichy was put in Commission as Colonel of a Regiment, in which Post he died in Holland without Issue.

PATRICK The Third Son was also Lieutenant Colonel and Tutor of Grant, had Three Daughters well married.

ROBERT The Fourth Son lived at Muchroch.

GEORGE The Fifth Son was also in Commission as Major, & died Governour of The Castle of Dunbarton.

ALEXANDER The Sixth Son died without Male Issue.

MUNGO The Seventh Son is The Progenitor of Grant of Knockando purchased 1700 and Grant of Grantsfield alias Ballogie, who both are free Barons holding of The King.

[page 171] THOMAS Eighth Son commonly called Balmacaan had also Two Sons Ludovick and Patrick.

THE Daughters are Lillias married to Byres Laird of Cotts; Margaret married to Yyy Mackenzie Laird of Gairloch brought forth The Representative of the Family. The Third married Yyy Ogilvie of Kempkeurn, and Mary Grant The youngest Daughter of Sir John Laird of Grant married Yyy Gordon Marquis of Huntly. She is Mother to The Representative of that Family. She was also afterwards married upon The Earl of Early.

JAMES GRANT of Fruichy did succeed his Father Sir John as laird of Grant. He married Lady Mary Stuart Daughter to The Earl of Murray, who bore him Two Sons and Three Daughters.

THE Elder Son Ludovick succeeded his Father as Laird of Grant and The Younger Son named Patrick is The Progenitor of Elchies on Spey Side in Knockando Parish.

The Daughters are Mary who married Patrick Ogilvie of Boyne in BamfShire. The Second Daughter married Sir Alexander Hamilton of Hags and Margaret The Youngest was married upon Roderick Mackenzie of RedCastle in Ross-Shire.

[p115] THE Laird of Grant died at Edinburgh in The Year 1663, and was buried in The Abbay Church there.

LUDOVICK GRANT of Fruichy succeeded his Father James Laird of Grant. He was a Man of Publick Spirit and awfull Mien, reckoned The Best of Chiftans, commanding with Authority and Love, on all Occasions ready to express his Mind with Freedom. He married Janet Brodie only Child of Alexander Brodie Laird of Nethin in Nairn Shire. She was a Woman justly remarked for Piety and Virtue. The whole of her Conduct savoured of Prudence and Justice. She had Eight Children who survived her. Alexander The Eldest succeeded his Father. James Second Son to Ludovick Grant of Fruichy married Anne Colquhon of Luss. George and Lodovick are in The Army and reputed men of Courage and Conduct. George is Captain in Colonel Harrison`s Regiment, and Ludovick is Major in My Lord Orkney`s Regiment.

THE Daughters are Elizabeth, The Eldest, married to Hugh Rose of Kilraak. She is mother to The Representative of that Family. Anne Second Daughter to The Laird of Grant married Colonel William Grant of Ballindallach. She is The Mother of The Representative of that Family.

JANET Third Daughter of Ludovick Laird of Grant married Roderick Mackenzie of Skatwell. She is The Mother of The Representative of That Family.

MARGARET youngest Daughter of Ludovick Laird of Grant married Simon Lord Fraser of Lovat.[page 172] She is Mother to The Representative of That Family. It s remarked of all these Sisters That, as there are no Subjects Daughters had better Education, so they all improved The same, and were distinguished for Piety and Virtue in their respective Families.

LUDOVICK Laird of Grant was in great Account during his whole Lifetime, and firmly adhered to The Protestant Interest. His early Appearance against a Popish Pretender, his being put in Commission by King William Anno 1689 as Colonel of a Foot Regiment and his Publick Concern in The Defeat of The Rebells at Cromdale Hill, where none of The King`s Forces were killed, so many Hundreds of Popish Faction and Highlanders died in The Battle, which gave The finishing Stroke to The Popish Pretender`s Cause during King William`s Reign, I say, all this shews The [p116] Man. He was so attached to The Protestant interest that none professing Popery had so much a Tack of Land or Dwelling in all his Inheritance. He was Sherriff Principal of Inverness as his Predecessors & always Member of Parliament, where on all Occasions he distinguished himself in his Faithfullness to The King and Love to his Countrey, and he obtained The great Privilege and Honour of having his Lands erected into a Regality Anno 1694. He died at Edinburgh in The Year 1717, and was buried in The Abbay Church there with his Fathers James and Sir John Lairds of Grant.

ALEXANDER GRANT succeeded his Father Ludovick in Honours and Inheritance. He was born in The Year 1667 & married upon Elizabeth Stuart Eldest Daughter of James Lord Down in The Year 1698, of whom he had no Issue. He was a Man who distinguished himself in his Affection to The Protestant Interest and against Popery. He not only was Sherriff Principal of Inverness, Lord Lieutenant of Inverness and Murray Shires, but also was always member of Parliament, and put in Commission of a Colonel of a Foot Regiment he engaged in Person for The King & Protestant Interest against a popish Pretender at Sherriff Muir Battle in The Year 1715, and was after The Battle put in Commission of Brigadier General, and, as he himself appeared in Person for The King and Government against The Rebells in The South, so likewise he had all his own Men under Arms in The North to The Number of Eight or Nine Hundred maintained at his own proper Charges under The Command of his Brother Captain George Grant. They appeared so zealous and faithfull in that Cause as to defeat and give The finishing Stroke to a Popish Interest in The North of Scotland at that Time. He died also at Edinburgh, and was buried with his Fathers in The Abbay Church there Anno 1719.

JAMES GRANT of Grant succeeded his Brother Alexander as Laird of Grant Anno 1719. He is a Man of solid Learning & good Temper, but when offended very sensible of Offences given him. He is remarked as a Man endowed with a Principle of Justice and Honesty. He married Anno 1702 Dame Anne Colquhon Heretrix and only Child of Sir Humphry Colquhon of Luss, who left him Five Sons [p117] and as many Daughters, namely, Humphry Eldest Son; Ludovick his Second Son by Articles in Marriage is [page 173] Heir of Luss and representative of The Name of Colquhon. He studied The Law, and was admitted Advocate in The Year 1728. He married on Marion Dalrymple Daughter to Sir Hew Dalrymple of North Berwick Lord President of The Session in Scotland. James Francis and Charles The Youngest Sons to James Laird of Grant are at their Education in Schools. The Daughters are Jean Grant The Eldest married William Duff of Bracco. She is The Mother of The Representaive of that Family and several other Children.

ANNE Second Daughter to James Laird of Grant married Sir Harry Innes of Innes. She is The Mother of The Representative of that ancient Family. Sophia Penuel and Clementina The Three Youngest Daughters are as yet at their Education, and in The Esteem of all acquainted with them very deserving Virgins.

JAMES Laird of Grant as his Predecessors continues stedfast in his attachment to The Protestant Interest, is Member of Parliament, and though by Act of Parliament The Sherriffship cannot (he being Member of Parliament) lodge in his own Person, yet his Eldest Son is put in Commission as Sherriff Principal of Inverness Shire.

THE Name of Grant in his Time as well as in his Predecessors` Days continues in good Account for Influence and Interest in The Countrey; For besides The several Field Officers as yet in his Majesty`s Service and other Officers in Commission there are above a Dozen of Free Barons holding of The Crown capable to chuse or be chosen Members of Parliament, such as Grants of Elchys, Grant of Monymusk, Grant of Rothiemurcus, Grant of Easter Elchys, Grant of Balnadallach, Grant of Auchoinony, Grant of Glenmorriston, Grant on Dunlugas, Grant of Knockando, Grant of Ballogie alias Grantsfield, Grant of Carron and Grant of Grant.

To The Honourable James Grant of Grant

Si quid novisti rectius istis, Candidus imperti, si non his utere mecum.


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