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The Clan Grant Society Magazine Standfast is named after the Society motto and issued twice yearly to members of the society. It is a chance for members to exchange news and views with the rest of the Clan and each edition is packed with articles and anecdotes about all aspects of the Clan; historical info, reports on the Clan Gatherings, details of up-coming events, interesting Grants, photos, favourite recipes etc.

The Editor of the magazine is now Sir Archie Grant who has taken over from Don Grant who was Editor for 14 years. Sir Archie welcomes any articles or reports from Clan members to include in future issues of the magazine, so please do get in touch via our contact form.

Hot off the Press!

The new print edition of Standfast - Summer 2017 (Issue MK49) has been sent to our UK and overseas members at the beginning of July 2017. If you do not receive your copy please let us know.

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