Clan Centre

The Clan Centre at Duthil
The Clan Centre at Duthil

The home of our Society - of the Clan Grant Worldwide - is the old Church at Duthil, close to Grantown-on-Spey.

Your support for the further development of the centre is urgently needed - please see below.

History of Duthil Kirk

In its early days the church was in the diocese of Elgin Cathedral. The first Presbyterian minister was Andrew Henderson who was ordained in 1625. The present building was erected in 1826. The last sermon in public worship in the church was made by one of our Past Members, the Rev. G.V.R. (Jim) Grant MA. In the church grounds are two mausolea where some of the Clan Chiefs are buried.

The building is set in the midst of the Clan territories and there is some reason to suppose it may have been founded by our Patriarch Olav Hemingsson himself, probably shortly after 1060. The original dedication is to St Peter and the name Duthil for the area may well refer to St Dubhthac (to whom also the chapel at Rothiemurchus is dedicated).

It was a landmark day in 1986 for the Clan Grant Society when the then owner, Gerald Brandon-Bravo from Whitebridge, gave Duthil Church to the Clan Grant Society.

The Clan Grant Centre Trust

In 1993 the building was handed over to a Trust which had been established both as a registered charity and as a company limited by guarantee (Scottish Company Number: SC144748). Recent changes in Charity Law in Scotland have made provision for a class of charity called a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation, (SCIO), providing the same safeguards as Company status has afforded to us without some of the accounting and other administrative burdens.

The trust has been successful in being granted SCIO Status, so with effect from 14 February 2014 we are no longer a Company governed by the Companies` Act. We are now officially known as: Clan Grant Centre Trust [SCIO] with Scottish Charity number: SC021615

Development of the Centre

Drinks Party at Duthil for Sir Archie`s 60th Birthday 2014
Drinks Party at Duthil for Sir Archie`s 60th Birthday

The first idea was to develop the building as a museum, but this project hinged upon Lottery funding for which we were unsuccessful, so it was then decided to use it principally as a Clan Centre although we are able to continue with the original intention of including a Museum function.

This imposing listed building has been and is being renovated by the Society and is used as a Clan Centre and Museum. There are several projects still ongoing to improve both the fabric and interior of the centre further- but progress is and will continue to be dependent on funds becoming available.

Inside, two glass display cabinets dedicated to the Métis and the Cherokees have recently been installed by the Chief and Judy, as well as many paintings, photos and other Clan memorabilia displayed on the walls. Important and valuable weapons and artefacts of the Clan are held in storage by the National Museums of Scotland, and we have begun to display some of these items in the Centre. Meanwhile we are also able to store material for the Society and to host (with some constraints meantime) meetings of the Clan Grant Society and other events, such as the drinks party pictured above.

Métis Display Cabinet at Duthil 
Métis Display Cabinet
Cherokee Display Cabinet at Duthil 
Cherokee Display Cabinet
Displays at Duthil 
Displays at Duthil

Support Needed!

A stronger Society membership will help to ensure that these pieces of our heritage can be viewed by everybody. But you don’t have to be a member to help! Donations are welcome from anyone sympathetic to our aims.

Donations will be received gratefully and, because we are a charity we are able to take advantage of the Gift Aid Scheme. So when you donate please advise us if we may claim Gift Aid.

To encourage donations, two CDs have been created.

CD1 is a full copy of Sir William Fraser’s 1883 3-Volume “Chiefs of Grant”. On this you will find page images for the whole work. However Volume 1 and the contents and indexes in Volumes II and III have been turned into HTML for ease of access. [This work can be found online, but it FAR easier to access via the CD!]

CD2 is a compendium of many out-of-copyright books pertaining to the clan and its territories. While some of these are available on the internet others are not and - in all cases the texts have been digitised making file sizes smaller, searching easy etc.

These CDs are offered free of charge to anyone making a substantial donation to the work of the Trust.

If you would like to help or support the development of the Clan Grant Centre at Duthil, please contact the Society in the first instance via our contact form below.

The Clan Grant Centre Trust