A Clan Grant Compendium

A collection of Grant Genealogies


Grant Histories/Genealogies date
Overview 2010
Monymusk Text  c1715
Cromdale Text


Shaw Text c1770
Baronage Text 1773
The Birkenburn MS 1782
The Elgin Text c1830
The Gordon Text 1882
In the Shadows of Cairngorm 1911
Duthil Past & Present 1910
The Rulers of Strathspey 1911

A Loch Ness Miscellany


Title Author
Urquhart and Glenmoriston Rev William MacKay
Story and Song from Lochnessside Alexander Macdonald
Grants of Glenmoriston Rev Andrew Sinclair
Grants of Corrimony Francis Grant WS
Glenmoriston of the Past John Grant of Glenmoriston
he Kirk of Boleskine Alan Lawson


Statistical Accounts for parishes in core Grant territory

Old Account
c 1790
Parish New Account



Abernethy & Kincardine

Cromdale, Inverallan & Advie





Urquhart & Glenmoriston


Tales of Strathspey: The Avielochan Collection


  Country Life  
The Piggy Back Pig in a Poke Seoras
Old Glen and the Ducks The Miller and his Duck Jacko
The Bag of Salt McWilliam, Haulage Contractors Keeping The Sabbath Day
A Cure for the Minister`s Cold The Minister and His Handyman The Sawyer and The Saw Pit
Black Duncan The Woodman`s Lisp The Talking Dog
The Black Baby The Hearse`s Surprise Maggie McKenzie
Archie The Welsh Cob and The Farm Foreman The Prize Pig
The Holy Cattanachs The Wedding Party Prince
Hector Sandy McQueen Contempt Of Court
Ballintua, The Cattle Dealer The Old Man and The Seidletz Powder The Rooster and The Black Pot
  Tales of Travelling Folk  
Introduction The Upturned Cart Wee Mac
Old Hannah Bob Tub The Tame Stag
Winter Journeys Mirror`s Images Marshall Thomson
  Around Boat of Garten  
The Boat The Post Office The Bakery and Tea Rooms
The Small Shoppie The Cobbler The Butcher
Hotel Stables The Garage Hams and Drams
The Cream Skimmer Torry and The Missing Hens Kinchurdy
The New Reaping Machine The Double Line The Horse Breeder
The Sheep Dealer The Corn Threshers at Tullochgorum The Tram Horses
  From Aviemore to Carrbridge  
The First Train Journey Oak Bank The Whisky Train
The Miller at Milton, Aviemore Granish Farm At Avielochan
The Bag of Sugar Loons from Aberlour Lethendryveole
Docharn Donald the Post Gregor Cameron
The Old Schoolhouse on The Knoll Donald Cameron, Carrbridge Blacksmith Frank Blackshaw
The Men of Duthil    
  Tulloch Tales  
The Tulloch Schoolmaster Maccallum John MacQueen
The Bargain Deer The Watery Box  
  Some More Strathspey Characters  
Dalraddy John Ban Jamie Sluggan

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