A Letter from the Chairman

Adapted from the Letter in Standfast Magazine Issue MK49 - July 2017
Dear Fellow Members
Fiona and the Factor of Ballindallach
Fiona & the Factor of Ballindallach

At the Spring Meeting at Grange-over-Sands in April, I was finally able to present our new co-website – which took much longer to complete than I had anticipated, due to my heavy workload in other areas, the business of fact checking and having to decide what and what not to include.  I was, however, left wondering if the purpose of the site is entirely clear to you all; so here is an updated explanation of what we were trying to achieve.

As I said some issues ago, we do not have the personnel to arrange a full on International Programme every few years; many visitors want to come at other times of the year and finally and most importantly, we have noticed that a growing area of interest in Clan Grant comes from overseas.  This, in many ways, is due to the growth of the use of the internet and the resultant ease of communication; even if it gets a bit confused at times!  In order to keep the society alive, it is clear that we cannot rely on membership from Scotland or the rest of the UK, but need to be more inclusive of other parts of the world.  The clangrantvisitors website is designed to help this process and as we have been able to include a Paypal system of paying for membership, which is working well. See

I also mentioned at Grange-over-Sands, that I was planning to continue building links with Grantown Museum and showed some jolly mug designs that my friend David Hawson has done for them.  Unfortunately after our trip to Grange, I was very ill for some weeks and it has taken time to catch up with all my other commitments, so I have only just managed to make a further appointment to see them as I write this.  My long term plan is to work with the museum to make Duthil more user friendly for our visitors, whether they come at Clan Gathering time or not and the museum are keen to help us.  Thanks to the Chief, a further funding source has been found, which we have been exploring and which we hope will also help to make Duthil more accessible, but once again, due to my limited availability, it will take time, but will be very worth it in the long run.

This leads me on nicely to another very special Thank You to our good friends ‘across the pond’ in the USA who have sent us a very generous donation of £1000 towards the Clan Grant Centre at Duthil, as mentioned in the letter from the Chief.  We will take good care that it is spent wisely and let the US Society know what we plan to do with it, but thank you guys – it is very much appreciated!

We also wish to extend our very best wishes to Clan Grant USA who will be celebrating their 40th Anniversary this year at the Stone Mountain Games – the US Society is in very good heart thanks to their President Dr Bill Grant and his wonderful team and for those of you who have not taken a look at their website, I recommend that you do – it is brilliant!

Looking forward very much to my brother Sir Patrick and Helen Dickinson’s wedding here at Monymusk just before the Annual Gathering at Nethy Bridge, where I also look forward to seeing as many of you who are able to make it there.

Best wishes to you all.

New Sign at Duthil Clan Centre
New Sign at Duthil Clan Centre 

Fiona Grant