A Letter from the Chairman

Adapted from the Letter in Standfast Magazine Issue MK51 - July 2018
Dear Fellow Members
Fiona & our new Parade Marshal
Fiona & our Parade Marshal Tim

After a long and appropriately Scottish, snowy winter we have just been having a spell of really warm weather which has given the garden here at Monymusk a vista of beautiful flowers – most heartening!

Standfast by Email
At the AGM last year we agreed to send Standfast by email, and those who wanted to continue to receive a paper copy could request one and increase their annual membership accordingly. Accordingly, the last Standfast went mainly by email and we have saved over 600 GBP on printing and postage compared with the last edition. Thank you all - it makes a very real difference!

Visit Scotland Website
I am very disappointed to see that Clan Grant is still not represented on the official Scottish Government website in spite of us having sent them the relevant information nearly two years ago (what does it take to get on there?) However, if you are planning a visit, there is other useful information there, as well as information on our own Clan Grant Visitors website:

Plans for Duthil
Last autumn Helen and Dan from Grantown Museum came around to have a look and to give us some advice about what we might need to make Duthil more visitor friendly. There has been no news from them so far, but meanwhile I have been looking into some of the practical difficulties that we need to deal with also.

As you can imagine, I cannot apply for any funding until I have some idea of the costs involved. I am not a builder or an architect and Duthil is a B listed building which means that we cannot tinker about with it as we like; we will have to apply for planning permission again and contact the graves people to obtain access around the graveyard. Some years ago, Sir Archie, as Chairman, did some work with architect Morris Tait on improving access to Duthil. At that stage, it was hoped to rent it out for functions such as weddings etc, but this is now most unlikely given the plethora of venues which are now around. We need something much simpler. Morris still had the old plans and we visited Duthil to see what could be done.

Spring Meeting
It was lovely to see a select group of old friends at the Spring Meeting, but if you remember in the last issue of Standfast, Judy asked if anyone would like to take on organising it, as she will be very busy in the next couple of years with 2020 and Duthil.  Unfortunately, no one has come forward and it seems like the Spring Meeting has come to a natural end for the moment, so we will not be planning one for next year. 

August Gathering
I am looking forward to our annual gathering where it seems as though we will be joined by a goodly number of our friends from overseas. I am glad to see that those who have already booked on line via Paypal have confirmed whether or not they will be coming to the drinks on Friday at the Kirk and / or the tea party at Monymusk on the Monday. It is helpful to know, for catering purposes, a rough idea of the numbers involved as we have to book it all the week before.

The other important bits are helping the Chief set up the tent (2pm at the Games Field on Friday 10th) and helping unload the trailer after the AGM on the Sunday. We have not finished arranging the final entertainment details for Saturday night, but will be able to do so very soon. 

Standfast Tote Bags
Standfast Tote Bags

Mugs and Tote Bags
Some time ago when visiting the Grantown Museum I noticed that the Grant souvenirs were a bit thin on the ground and having had a great success with mugs designed to be sold in Monymusk Post Office, I suggested that it would be nice to have some done for Clan Grant. They thought it was a great idea and also liked the idea that they should be less formal and a bit of fun.

My good friend David Hawson, who among other things has designed for no less a person that the great Prue Leith of Bake Off, has designed the mugs for us - I hope you like them.

They will be on sale at the Abernethy Games on Saturday 11 August 2018, from the Grantown Museum and are also available by post. To place an order please get in touch via the `contact us` form on this website below, and we will send you a quote including postage.

Highlanders Mug     8.00 GBP
Dancers Mug          8.00 GBP
Standfast Tote Bag  5.00 GBP

(prices above do not include postage and packing.)

Clan Grant Dancers Mug
Clan Grant Dancers Mug 
Clan Grant Highlanders Mug
Clan Grant Highlanders Mug

With my Best Wishes to you All.