Flags of Clan Grant

Clan Events 2017

15 July  Inverness Highland Games
10 Aug  The Grantown Show
11- 13 Aug  Annual Clan Gathering
20 Oct  Stone Mountain Games USA

NEWSFLASH  - 30 March 2017
A brand new website for Clan Grant visitors to the Strathspey area is now LIVE. Check it out at: www.clangrantvisitors.org

You can also become a member and pay your membership fees online at: www.clangrantvisitors.org/shop

An Aim of the Society is to cultivate a spirit of friendship among members of the Clan and to help them to keep in touch with one another. Many of us have left our native Scotland and dispersed into all corners of Britain and the World. The  Society brings us together again to share in our common ancestry and our rich exciting history.

Craig Elachie Logo

Our Clan Crest is "a burning hill proper" which represents a beacon.
The ancestors of the Grants were in Strathspey during the reign of Malcolm III, where their main task was to ensure that the beacon atop Craig Elachie (now "Craigellachie" by Aviemore) - the first of a chain of such beacons - was lit to warn the King (and the rest of Scotland south of Drumochter) if danger threatened from the North.

Our Motto is Stand Fast! 
This reflects what we are enjoined to do in the face of any attack (originally from the north).

Our War Cry is Craigelachie!
When danger threatened, Craig Elachie was also the initial assembly point for clansmen on the west bank of the Spey so that they could be deployed effectively. (On the east bank of the Spey the war cry of the Allanach Grants is Craig Revack! - which is where they assembled.)

Our Clan Chief is The Rt. Hon Sir James Grant of Grant, The 6th Lord Strathspey, Baronet of Nova Scotia, 33rd Chief of Grant.

Clan Gatherings
Clan Gatherings
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Weekend Meetings
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